Artistic Watts

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About Watts

Extremely durable and robust white water - kayak and rafting helmet with high impact ABS moulded outer shell and closed cell Brock foam. Watts has removable ear caps in Neoprene and an easy adjustment system.


S: 53,5 - 55,5 cm
M: 55,5 - 57 cm
L: 57 - 59 cm
XL: 59 - 60,5 cm
XXL: 60,5 - 62,5 cm

Colors:  chilli (red), fire (orange).


Adjustment Removable ear caps in neoprene.
Features High breaking strength with high impact ABS-outer shell; closed cell Brock foam for highest beat absorbing.
Weight ca 490 g.
Other Features Good head fit with anatomic formed foam construction.