Artistic Neoprene-3ply

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À propos Neoprene-3ply

This watertight and breathable sprayskirt is meant for more demanding and experienced paddlers. Different types of nylon and neoprene has been used to maximize the functionality and increase the resistance against tough conditions on the water. Adjustable neoprene waist tube with two fasteners will give you very good and comfortable fit.

Color: Black

Size: L/XL: 87.5 x 51.5 cm (34½" x 20½") - 94 x 54.5 cm (37" x 21½")


Shockcord 8 mm elastic shockcord on the deck.
POIGNEE 25 mm webbing loop.
matériau 3ply Ripstop Nylon PU coated. 3mm Skin Loop Neoprene. 3mm Smooth Skin Neoprene. Shockcord
Caractéristiques 3ply Ripstop Nylon PU coated – waist tube. 3 mm Skin Loop Neoprene – upper front part of the waist tube. 3 mm Smooth Skin Neoprene – upper back part of waist tube. 3 mm Nylon jersey Neoprene – deck.
TAILLE Adjustable neoprene waist tube with two fasteners.
Other Features Stiched and sealed seams.

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